3 Tips To Help You Manage Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can manifest as muscle aches or a burning sensation. The pain isn't life-threatening and is manageable using home remedies. Even so, you should see your chiropractor if the discomfort continues for many days, doesn't respond to treatment, or spreads to other areas, such as the legs.  If you also experience numbness in your legs or start losing weight rapidly, you should seek medical intervention. Your chiropractor will conduct various tests to determine the cause of your back pain and the extent of the damage. [Read More]

Alleviating Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain in the lower portion of your back, you likely want instant relief when a flare-up occurs. Here are remedies for lower back pain to help you remain as comfortable as possible with this condition. Take Time To Rest Whenever you feel your back is starting to give you pain, stop all actions that could exacerbate symptoms. Continuing to perform activities when you have pain will make it worse. [Read More]

Common Ways Chiropractors Treat Back & Neck Pain

Chiropractic techniques can be lifesaving in many ways. Even if you have been living with back and neck pain for years, a visit with a chiropractor can provide relief quickly. Relief will also last longer. Are you looking for the best way to treat back or neck pain? These are some effective methods often recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists to treat both types of pain. The Graston Technique If you are injured, your chiropractor may recommend the Graston technique. [Read More]

Ways A Chiropractor Can Help After An Automobile Accident

Being involved in an automobile accident is a traumatic experience and depending upon the extent of your injuries, it can mean months of doctors' appointments, physical therapy, and recovering at home. In addition to the treatments recommended by your doctors, there is another medical professional who can help you recover from your injuries and start enjoying your life again: a chiropractor. Here are several common injuries that can be helped by the skilled hands of a chiropractor. [Read More]