Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

3 Tips To Help You Manage Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can manifest as muscle aches or a burning sensation. The pain isn't life-threatening and is manageable using home remedies. Even so, you should see your chiropractor if the discomfort continues for many days, doesn't respond to treatment, or spreads to other areas, such as the legs. 

If you also experience numbness in your legs or start losing weight rapidly, you should seek medical intervention. Your chiropractor will conduct various tests to determine the cause of your back pain and the extent of the damage.

Here are tips to help you manage back pain.

Be Active

You may think you need to be dormant to allow the lower back muscles to heal or avoid aggravating the problem, but this will only worsen things. You should have enough rest, but ensure you set aside time for physical activity like walking, swimming, and cycling. 

You can also do simple exercises, such as stretching, jogging, jumping, push-ups, touching your toes, bending backward, press-ups, and thrusting your hips sideways. Remember, you should avoid doing heavy exercises as they can irritate the muscles and nerves, leading to inflammation and more pain.

Older people above 50 years are more susceptible to lower back pain. So, you need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. If you work in an office, you should go to the gym a few times weekly for low-impact aerobic exercise. This exercise will help keep your muscles active. You can also try yoga training.

Watch Your Weight

Excessive weight will strain your musculoskeletal system, comprising cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. Everyday activities like walking, sitting, or stretching may become uncomfortable. You may also experience pain, soreness, and tightness in your lower back muscles. 

Moreover, putting extra weight around your abdomen can trigger your spine to bend gradually and lose proper balance. The abnormal spine will cause other muscles to overwork, leading to lower back pain. Obesity can also worsen other medical conditions like arthritis.

Massage and Pain-Relievers

Chiropractors not only do spinal manipulation, but they also conduct deep tissue massage. The massage will improve the overall health of the lower back area by promoting better blood flow and increasing nutrients and oxygen supply to your muscles and other tissues. 

You can also use anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. These drugs will help reduce inflammation and pain. If you aren't sure what to do, you should talk to your chiropractor.

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