Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

Why Your Back Is So Stiff When You Wake Up

Getting your day started can be a challenge if you're experiencing a lot of back stiffness. This isn't an uncommon phenomenon; however, there are people who experience significantly more stiffness in their backs in the morning. It may take a while before such people can start moving freely. However, issues to do with back stiffness are more concerning when the stiffness is accompanied by pain. 

When is back stiffness considered normal, and when should people start getting worried? Is there anything that can be done to treat back stiffness?

What Causes Normal Back Stiffness?

There are various fluids in your body playing different functions. Many of these fluids also play a key role in lubricating different body parts and keeping them flexible. These fluids mainly move around the body when you're away and moving around. 

However, many people barely move when they're sleeping. This means that the fluids remain stagnant. The muscles can dry out a little bit as a result, and the tissues can also become a little less stretchy. This kind of stiffness is relatively normal and will occur to some extent in most people.

When Should You Be Worried About Back Stiffness?

As normal as back stiffness is, there are certain times when you should worry about it. These include the following situations:

  • You're experiencing a lot more back stiffness than you're used to.

  • The back stiffness is accompanied by some pain.

  • It takes a lot longer for the stiffness to fade away.

  • The stiffness is coming after some trauma, like a road accident.

  • The stiffness is coming after a major life change.

The reason you should be worried when you experience this kind of back stiffness is that the stiffness may be point towards a much bigger problem. 

Treating Back Stiffness

The treatment for back stiffness will depend on the cause. For instance, many people suffer from back stiffness due to poor sleeping postures. This can be fixed in various ways, including by just buying a new mattress. 

However, back stiffness can also be caused by disc degeneration. This usually occurs when a person gets older and can be accompanied by a lot of pain. Steroid injections are sometimes used to treat such conditions.

Alternatively, if you prefer a natural approach to treatment, you can turn to a chiropractor to see if they can help. Chiropractic techniques can be an effective part of treatment or pain management, depending on your condition.