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Is Your Posture Out Of Whack? How To Correct Tech Neck

Have you heard of tech neck? Also known as forward head thrust or texting neck, tech neck is a when a person sustains damage from craning their neck to look at a computer, phone, or another device. Your ears should line up with your shoulders and hips.

When your head thrust forward, you can actually add 10 lb. of pressure on your spine, or more! This extra pressure can lead to physical pain, such as pinched nerves, sore muscles, disc injuries, etc. Some people also experience physiological symptoms, such as mood changes, decreased lung capacity, and poor circulation.

If you believe you suffer from tech neck, here are a few ways to correct the problem.

Visit a Chiropractor

It can be hard to correct tech neck on your own if this problem has been going on for a long time. Tech neck doesn't just hurt your neck; it can throw your whole spine out of alignment. Your spine has a natural "S" curve, but it can become misaligned as your shoulders slump forward and your pelvis tilts to compensate a craning neck.

A chiropractor can use a range of tools to measure these misalignments and then use manual manipulation to correct them. You may need many adjustments at first, but once your tech neck improves, you may only need an occasional adjustment.

Besides doing adjustments, many chiropractors use massage techniques. Massage is fantastic for the sternocleidomastoid — the main muscle in your neck that runs from your head to your sternum. This muscle can be extremely overtaxed and guarded, so massage can help you restore your range of motion and make it easier to make posture corrections.

Use Neck Pillows

Supportive neck pillows should be used when working or sleeping. Some people like feather pillows because they are fluffy, but they provide no neck stability. Instead, invest in cervical contour pillows filled with latex foam. These kinds of pillows will help your posture and allow your neck muscles to relax since your head will be properly supported.

Invest in Ergonomic Chairs and Desks

Many people get tech neck because their desks and chairs aren't properly aligned. Ergonomic chairs have headrests, armrests, and adjustable features. When you sit, you shouldn't be slumped back in your chair; your feet should also rest on the ground instead of dangling. Make sure your desk and computer are high, so you don't have to bend over to work. With these changes, you may see a decrease in symptoms and an increase in productivity.

Take Breaks and Stretch

You may not realize your head is thrusting forward unless you take a break to check. Set a timer on your device, so you don't forget to take a break. Follow the 20-20-20 rule for your breaks. After twenty minutes, stare at an object roughly twenty feet away for at least twenty seconds. This rule gives your eyes a break, and it gives you a chance to stretch your arms, neck, and back.

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