Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

5 Creative Ways To Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be like a mosquito bite – you can temporarily forget that it is there, but it is always present, begging you to itch it. Below are five creative ways you can deal with back pain on a daily basis.

#1 Work with Your Chiropractor

One of the first things that you should do is find a chiropractor to work with. You want to find a chiropractor who will work with you and come up with a plan to target your lower back pain. Your chiropractor will look at your medical history, as well as perform movement tests and even take x-rays to get to the root of what is causing your back pain.

Your chiropractor will come up with a treatment plan that includes heat, manual adjustments, massage techniques and the use of outside tools to help manage and hopefully get rid of your lower back pain.

#2 Stretch Out Your Hamstrings

Pain in your lower back may not be centered in your back at all. Oftentimes, when your hamstring muscles are tight, it can actually cause pain in your lower back. Having tight leg muscles can hurt your back.

One of the best at-home back pain treatments is doing a few hamstring stretches, in the morning and in the evening. Over time, as your leg muscles get less tight, you should experience less pain in your back as well.

#3 Work Out Your Core

Working out your care can also help with lower back pain as well. Your core really helps support the lower part of your spine. Working out your core, and strengthening your core, can help strength not just your stomach, but your back as well. Once again, there are easy core exercises that you can perform at home once a day to strengthen things up.

#4 Release Positive Endorphins

Releasing positive energy, known formally as endorphins, can help you manage your pain. There are lots of ways that you can release positive endorphins in your body.  You can release endorphins through massage, meditation, and exercise.

#5 Get Enough Sleep

Finally, make sure that you get enough sleep every night. Getting a full night's sleep, and waking up when you finish a sleep cycle, will allow time for your back to relax and heal, which can go a long way towards combating lower back pain. Make sure that you have a comfortable mattress to sleep on that supports your back.

Treating lower back pain takes a comprehensive approach. Getting enough sleep, working out your core, stretching your hamstrings and releasing positive endorphins, combined with chiropractor care, is a great recipe for reducing long term pain associated with your lower back.