Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

3 Ways A Chiropractor Can Help You With Your Back Pain

If you are feeling pain in your back, then you should definitely consider going to the chiropractor. There are several things a chiropractor can do to help relieve pain and help your back feel normal again. 

They Manipulate Your Spin 

If your spine is compressed or otherwise out of alignment, then this can cause you a great deal of back pain. You may feel pressure in your back, because the disks are compressed, or you may feel as if you have a pinched nerve, because of the mis-alignment of the disks. A herniated disk can also cause you pain, because the disk is bulging out of your back, instead of staying in alignment with the rest of your disks, as it should. A chiropractor can help with all of these issues, by manipulating your spin. They will use their hands and other chiropractic instruments, such as an activator, to carefully and safely realign your spin. A chiropractor does this by finding the pressure points on your spine and then applying pressure to them, to help move them back into alignment. 

Movement and Stretching of Muscles And Joints 

Sometimes, back pain may be caused because some of your muscles and joints are too tight. In this case, your chiropractor may decide that stretching out your muscles and joints is the best option. When doing this, they will likely perform a combination of static and active stretches. The static stretches will be held for 20 seconds or more, in order to let the muscle or joint recognize the stretch and begin to lengthen. Active stretches are held for 1-2 seconds and then released and immediately repeated. 


Massage is another technique that chiropractors can use to relieve back pain. When they are massaging your back, they will focus on the areas of pain. They will try to massage the knots or tight spots on your back, thus helping relieve some of the tension that you are feeling. This if often done in conjunction with some of the other methods, such as spinal manipulation, movement, and stretching. 

Overall, a chiropractor can do a lot to help you with your back pain. They may decide that the best method to relieve your back pain is to manipulate your spin back into alignment. They also may incorporate moving and stretching your muscles to help increase range of motion, and stretch them out. Lastly, they may decide to massage you, as well, to help relieve your back pain.