Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

How Your Muscle Pain Can Benefit From Active Release Technique

If you have aches and pains in your body, you're not alone. It's estimated that most people will experience back pain in their lives, and many more suffer from general aches and pains. Unfortunately, long-term muscle pain can potentially increase your risk of developing other disorders, like depression. Thankfully, you don't have to suffer through pain needlessly. If you're having muscle pain and would prefer alternative medicine to pain killers, active release technique can help. Read on to learn more about this therapy and how it works.

What Is Active Release Technique?

Active release technique is a trademarked therapy that's designed to help heal injuries and correct muscular pain. Using active release technique requires specific training in school, even if you're seeing an established chiropractor or massage therapist. Those who are trained to use this method are taught individual ways to treat common musculature problems throughout the body which go into further depth than the average massage treatment.

How Does It Work?

Active release technique is designed to do two major things: to break up scar tissue, and to allow the fascia and muscles to stop creating friction between each other.

Active release technique uses specified stretching motions and pressure to reduce scar tissue. When your body heals from an injury, or if you have pain due to repetitive stress, your body creates scar tissue to repair the injury and prevent further damage to the area. Unfortunately, scar tissue is thick, fibrous, and doesn't flex very well. This can create more pain in the area. Active release technique breaks scar tissue apart, allowing it to heal naturally again.

Furthermore, active release technique restores original motion to the muscles and fascia. Fascia is like a tissue wall that sits on top of your muscles. When the two work properly, the fascia glides over the muscles normally. In injuries, strain, or long-term poor posture, fascia can often become caught on muscle, resulting in stiffness, swelling, and poor flexibility. Active release technique releases the fascia from the muscle layer and allows the two to glide normally again.

How Can It Help You?

If you're experiencing pain in your tendons, ligaments, or muscles, chances are active release technique can help you. It's often performed alongside chiropractic adjustments, which help to realign your spine and bones. When the two are used in tandem, they help to correct misalignment and damage that's been done throughout the body.

Active release technique can be a tool in your arsenal to help beat muscle pain throughout your body. Talk to a chiropractor or certified active release technique practitioner to find out more.