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Three Reasons To Continue Seeing Your Chiropractor Throughout Your Pregnancy

When you become pregnant, it's normal to become more focused than ever on your health. After all, your health affects the health of your baby! One way to better care for yourself -- and your baby -- at this time of your life, is to keep visiting your chiropractor on a regular basis. Or, if you're not already seeing a chiropractor, start seeing one now. Here's a look at the benefits of doing so.

You'll have a lower risk of a breech birth.

When the baby presents breech, which is with its bottom first rather than its head, birth can be so much harder and more dangerous. Many times, women end up having Caesarean sections when their babies are breech -- so anything you can do to reduce the chances of this is a good thing!

When you visit the chiropractor as a pregnant woman, he or she will make adjustments to your pelvis that encourage the baby to turn around into the head-first position right on cue, which is a few weeks before your due date. They can even use a specific manipulation tactic, called the Graston Technique, to manipulate the ligaments that support your belly, encouraging this turnaround.

You'll have an easier time pushing.

With a misaligned spine, there may be more pressure on the muscles on one side of your pelvis than on the other. This can make your pushing less effective and more painful during labor. With regular chiropractic adjustments, however, your spine will be kept properly aligned. And with your spine in perfect alignment, you'll be able to use every muscle to its max as you go into labor. This may mean a shorter labor due to more effective pushing. It may also mean less cramping and pain.

You'll have fewer aches and pains and better sleep throughout your pregnancy.

As your baby grows, he or she puts extra pressure on your spine. This pressure can translate to aches and pains throughout your back and pelvis. Your chiropractor can adjust your spine to alleviate some of this pressure as your baby continues to grow larger and heavier. This will help prevent back pains, so you have an easier time relaxing and falling asleep at night. A relaxed, well-rested mom is a happy mom! Plus, getting adequate rest is important for your baby's health.

To learn more about the benefits of ongoing chiropractic visits for expecting moms, talk to a chiropractor in your local area.

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