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3 Surprising Pressure Points That Help Relieve Headaches

When your usual headache remedies don't seem to do the trick, you may find yourself rubbing your forehead or temples. The instinct to massage these areas is because your body has numerous sensitive pressure points and putting pressure in these areas can relieve pain, tension, or inflammation. 

The pressure points that help relieve headaches aren't all found in the facial area or even on the head. Here are three other options that might surprise you.

1. Bigger Rushing

The bigger rushing pressure point lies between the big toe and second toe on each foot. The bigger rushing spot is specifically used to reduce eye fatigue and headaches in the eye area.

The pressure point is easier to access from the top of the foot. Use this pressure point by pushing down between your big toe and second from the top. You will likely want to use your thumb so you can apply more even pressure. Rub or press and hold, paying attention to the signals your body provides to determine how long or hard to push.

2. Shoulder Well

Many headaches stem from tension in the neck and shoulders. You can relieve some of this strain using the shoulder well pressure point. If you run your hand down the side of your neck and across your shoulder, you may feel a spot where you stop feeling muscle and start feeling bone. This point, which is generally about halfway across the shoulder, is known as the shoulder well.

Focus massage on the shoulder well or compress the point from the front and back with your fingers to alleviate neck pain and headaches.

3. Union Valley

The union valley pressure point is most accessible target area on this list, making it ideal for when you need headache relief at work or in a public area. The union valley sits in the webbing between your index finger and thumb on either hand, close to the place where your thumb bone connects to the rest of the hand.

Push on this point from both sides to alleviate pain from headaches that you can feel in your cheekbones, brow ridge, or temples.

If your at-home efforts don't eliminate your headache or migraine symptoms, consider seeing a professional acupuncturist. Acupuncturists use needles or low amounts of electrical current to stimulate a pressure point precisely and consistently. 

While each person reacts differently to pressure point therapies like acupuncture, these alternative methods of treatment can help supplement and enhance the headache relief you already trust.