Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

Five Lifestyle Choices That Can Make Your Chiropractor's Job Easier

Although a chiropractic adjustment may cause a significant reduction in pain and improvement in range of motion, that doesn't mean you should expect to see miracles every time you walk in for a chiropractic appointment. It's important to realize that chiropractic adjustments are just one aspect of a healthy lifestyle and that other self-care habits can be equally important. You may be interested to know that some of these recommended self-care habits can even help adjustments be more effective and make your chiropractor's job easier. Here are a few choices you can make to better your lifestyle in between adjustments so that your chiropractor isn't left trying to single-handedly keep you healthy.

1. Improving everyday posture

Poor posture can have frighteningly negative results on your health. In addition to back problems, it can also cause or exacerbate other musculoskeletal issues and can injure joints as well. Repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel are much more likely to occur when you habitually expect your wrists or other joints to function at odd angles. If you teach yourself to apply good posture throughout the day, including while you're relaxing at home, repetitive strain injuries are less likely to occur.

2. Following instructions to the letter

Any stretches, exercises, or other recommendations your chiropractor gives are medical advice and should be treated seriously. Since you see your chiropractor very infrequently, he or she must rely on your voluntary cooperation throughout the month to keep you healthy between visits.

3. Good nighttime posture

Since you probably spend a quarter to a third of your life sleeping, making sure you're not straining anything while you sleep is important. Ask your chiropractor for recommendations on pillows and mattresses to best support your body throughout the night.

4. Workouts that improve flexibility

Yoga is one of the best types of workouts to complement chiropractic adjustments, This is because yoga increases range of motion and flexibility as well as strength, allowing your muscles to support you better and enabling them to stretch further without injury when you need them to.

5. Managing stress levels

Stress causes tension, which can cause joints to lock up. If you're tense when you arrive for an appointment, your chiropractor may have to work on loosening you up before getting started. In addition to keeping your stress levels as low as possible throughout the week (which may not be very low, especially if you work in a fast-paced environment), you should try to relax before going to each appointment.

These choices can not only help you increase your own health and well-being, but can enable you to get the most out of each chiropractic appointment by making your chiropractor's job easier, thus maximizing the progress that can be made on each visit. Contact a chiropractor, such as a Cabana Court Chiropractic massage therapist, for more information.