Relieving Your Back Pain One Chiropractic Treatment at a Time

Visualization And Meditation Therapies: How These Two Approaches Can Make Your Chiropractic Care More Effective

Sometimes people who walk into a chiropractic clinic are in pain and are having trouble adjusting to their treatments. Part of that problem is due in part to how relaxed patients are when they receive their treatments. Living in a large city can cause many health issues, including elevated levels of stress for some people. A stressed patient will not feel the full benefits of his or her chiropractic care, but when you combine it with visualization and meditation therapies, your chiropractic care can be more effective. Here is how that works.

Visualization Therapy

Visualization therapy can be guided or unguided. Guided visualization therapy requires either an audio tape of someone telling you how to breathe and imagine a specific scene and how to navigate through the visualization in your mind. Unguided therapy requires that you create your own "happy place" and guide yourself to that happy place. Either type of visualization therapy allows you to relax and connect with your body so that you can feel where the pain is emanating from, you can describe it to your chiropractor, and he or she can make the correct adjustments based on what you told him/her. This way, your chiropractor is not making unnecessary adjustments to parts of your body that are not really in pain. Instead, he or she knows exactly where and how to make more effective adjustments based on the actual locations of pain.


Whenever possible, arrive at your chiropractor's office ten to twenty minutes early. Find a quiet place to sit and meditate. This involves finding a comfortable position in which to sit, close your eyes, breathe deeply and empty your mind. Meditation releases the body of tension, which can be adverse to any chiropractic care. People who do not care for the visualization technique find that meditation is more helpful because they do not have to think about anything at all. However, both techniques are quite effective at preparing your body to receive the chiropractor's treatments.

Why You Want to Be Relaxed and Happy Before an Adjustment

In many cases, a chiropractor will probably ask you to inhale just prior to an adjustment, and then slowly exhale. At the bottom of the exhale, the chiropractor can feel that your body has relaxed just enough for him/her to apply the the right amount of force to the body part that he/she is adjusting. If you come into the office and make every effort to relax before your treatment, then your body is already ready for it and it will go faster and easier on you. The rest of your day may run a lot smoother as well, since you have taken the time to relax and/or reconnect with your body on an emotional and physical level.

For more information about how proper relaxation and improve chiropractic results, speak with a chiropractor like those at Healing Hands Family Chiropractic & Massage Centre.